The benefits of distance learning

The benefits of distance learning

Education is a solid bedrock for people in pursuit of an exceptional career in this age and time. However, due to the busy schedule of many individuals and the need to stay on a fulltime job to meet up with their living costs, they are unable to participate in the traditional learning model (classroom learning).

Distance learning adopts a learning model in which the students and the teachers are remotely connected without being in physical contact with one another. The distant learning model has enjoyed massive growth and acceptance due to the high levels of internet connectivity.

The major difference between the classroom learning and the distance learning model is that the classroom learning adopts the use of physical interaction between both the students and the teachers and long-structured course curriculum on the campus.

The advantages of distance learning program include the following;
●Students are able to learn at their pace: With the model of distance learning, students are able to decide how fast or how slow they want their program to go since the course structure with this model is more flexible.
●Flexible study model: This is one of the most fascinating things about this learning model. The ability to determine and organise your preferred learning schedule is interesting.
●Convenience: Since the learning model adopts an offline strategy, students do not have to concern themselves with the location difference which has been an issue in the past where students are located far away for their learning centre and are unable to attend lectures.
●Work and learn: Some students are burdened with significant financial issues; therefore, they have to be engaged with certain activities for monetary gains. This learning model gives such students the opportunity to enrich themselves and increase in learning at the same time.
●Effective learning: Like classroom learning model, students are able to learn and equip themselves with useful and transferable skills making them equally competitive in the market space.
●Time and money savings: Distance learning models help students to effectively manage their logistics cost since travel costs have been eliminated.
Although there are tons of benefits of the distance learning program, we will highlight a few disadvantages to the learning model.
●Study without a teacher’s help: This is a significant issue with this learning model. The interaction with a more knowledgeable person in the area of study will largely impact learning. But this learning model eliminates interaction, making learning sometimes stressful and frustrating, especially when the student needs some clarification. The teachers’ duty is also to monitor and evaluate the progress of students.
●Limited social interaction: With classroom learning, students are able to interact with their classmates and create new relationships which will never happen with the distance learning model.

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