Why is learning English important for migrants

The International language

You might be fluent in Urdu, or you might speak the best Chinese accent, or you can speak Italian so efficiently that people hire you to deliver a speech. That does not matter in an English speaking country like Australia. You must know a language that is universally accepted, and people from all around the globe can understand. The point is, you must know how to speak in English in an English speaking country, or you will not communicate with many people. You will face a lot of difficulties when you apply for a job, and you will face a problem when you go out to buy groceries. Not many people speak a foreign language. Most people learn English to communicate, and that’s it.

Benefits of speaking English:

Speaking the English language will benefit you in a lot of ways. You will be competing with the rest of the foreigners, and speaking the native language will be beneficial in many ways. Even if you do not want to apply for a job, you want to do your own business, then English will be no less than an asset. You will be able to communicate your products very efficiently, and the customers will trust you more because they know that you can speak their language. When someone finds that someone took the time to learn their language, they are naturally inclined towards them because they perceive that the person cares for them.


English is not a difficult language to learn. There are twenty-six letters in the English language and not many complex grammatical rules. Anyone can learn English if they five a little time to it. That is what makes the English language unique and recognised internationally. Nowadays, almost every school teaches students this language. Testing systems like IELTS and TOEFL can check if someone knows how to speak the language or not. Many international universities take students if they know how to speak English. Their requirement is mostly passing the IELTS or TOEFL.

Other Advantages:

Did you know that we can learn new skills when we learn a new language? Our brains are functioned to learn new stuff while learning a new language. We even begin to think like the people, whose language we are learning. Research has shown that by learning the English language, one can improve his abstract thinking skills and creativity. The brain starts functioning differently, and the subconscious has to learn to adapt to the changing thinking process.
Learning the language will benefit you in many ways. It is not that difficult to learn, and you will be able to communicate a little better with the native people. You will not feel like an outcast, and the people will trust you more.