Child Care Centre’s Townsville- Encouraging children to follow directions

Once children start getting older, they begin to assert their own will. Also it is in the best interest of their child that a parent encourages their child to find their own independence. However, parents have also noticed that while they are happy to observe their child become their own person, discipline tends to become an issue. This is because the child doesn’t do it purpose but it’s in their intrinsic nature to test their boundaries. This is something which they do unconsciously. Parents take this as a sign of misbehaving. This is actually not the case. Children are conditioned to test their limits. It’s just that sometimes they may venture too far. This is when parents need to step in and implement some discipline.

The easiest way to discipline a child is to actually lend a listening ear to them. It’s important for parents to know what their child wants or desires. Once the child has spoken it out loud, it out of their system. From there on parents should implement a strategy which the child can follow without feeling compromised.

The following are some basic ways used by the caregivers at childcare centers in Townsville through which parents can help encourage their children follow directions.


Take their name

Everyone loves the sound of their own name. Let’s admit is, even as adults we appreciate individuals who remember our names and call us by it. The same goes for children as well. It makes them feel important and feel that parents are giving them attention. Keep in mind that very young children can often not focus on a lot of things. You might need to callout their name more than once to get their attention. Once you have it, then you might consider speaking to them.

Develop a connection while speaking to your child

When speaking to a child it’s important that you are at an eye level with then. If you need to get down on your knees for that, you must do so. This helps the child feel connected with you. The eye contact helps get the child’s attention. This would also help you listen and understand your child much better. This would make it easier for you to give them directions.


Be positive

Instead of using the word no, it’s better to be positive words. If you want no running inside the room you could say the same by asking them to walk inside the rooms only. This automatically helps get rid of the negation ad creates a positive impact on your child. Your request is easier for them to process when it’s free from negation.


Model good behavior

Children often follow their elders. Subconsciously they imbibe everything going on around them, so make sure that you are on good behavior at all times. It helps create an awareness that they are expected to be on their best behavior at all times.


Use short and simple sentences

For very young children, it’s necessary to use very simple language. Instructions should be issued keeping in mind the child’s actual level of understanding.

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