Settling In

The aim of the Settling In course is to ensure that new arrivals have access to information about Australian society, culture, laws, services and practices.

The course is in two parts. The entry component is undertaken on enrolment in the AMEP. The exit component is offered at the end of a learner’s participation in the AMEP, providing a summary of settlement outcomes and a focus on the learner’s next steps. The settlement themes introduced in Settling In are further developed in the AMEP course delivery. The settlement themes are Learning English, A new life, Health, Money, Housing, Transport, Education, Work and the Law.

The information in Settling In is based on that provided in multilingual format in the publication Beginning a Life in Australia (Commonwealth of Australia 2012). This publication is an essential support resource for the course.

The Entry component of the course is designed to be delivered in around 20 student hours over four weeks, in some cases with bilingual support. The Entry component of the course contains:

  • presentations on  9 settlement themes with text, illustrative photos and explanatory voiceovers in English, Arabic, Dari, Mandarin, Tamil and Vietnamese
  • the voiceover scripts in the languages listed above
  • an activity book containing  instructions on how to use the materials, the voiceover scripts in English, comprehension exercises, self assessment exercises and sendbacks
  • translations of the activity book introduction  and instructions
  • teacher notes.

This service is available to students and requires user registration, which is arranged by the AMEP provider.

The Exit component of the course contains activities to assist in

  • a review of the settlement information
  • identification of gaps in information and understanding
  • reviewing the Individual Pathway Guide with the AMEP counsellor.

The Exit course is accessible to teachers only and requires user registration, which is arranged by the AMEP provider.

Additional teacher resources are available for download from the Settling In button on the Resources panel on the home page. 

The Entry Course is also available in a traditional print-based delivery. The settlement theme presentations are supplied on DVD and first language transcripts and activity book are available in print. The teacher notes are downloadable from the portal. 

In both online and traditional modes the delivery is facilitated by the Distance Learning teacher in consultation with the AMEP counsellor.