Self Paced Units

Self Paced Units are funded under the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) and made available to the general public across Australia by the Department of Education and Training. They supplement AMEP tuition (both classroom and Teacher-Assisted Distance Learning) and the Home Tutor Scheme. This mode provides no teacher support and no hours are deducted from an AMEP Client’s AMEP Entitlement. These resources may also be used by the general public to practise their English skills, however they will not contribute to the achievement of any certificate in the AMEP unless the user is a registered AMEP client. Users are able to register to use the Self Paced Units by clicking on the 'register' button at the top of the home page.

The new Self Paced Units are linked more closely to Your Call, the Distance Learning courseware, to facilitate transition and integration between resources. 

Each Unit addresses a single CSWE Learning Outcome. This provides a simple structure for the materials and makes it easier to focus on a learning goal.

Each Unit has a Unit Code which is the same as that of the relevant CSWE Learning Outcome (e.g. C1). This facilitates cross-referencing. Each Unit has a Unit Name which is an abbreviated version of the relevant Learning Outcome. The use of a shortened name enhances presentation and facilitates navigation.

The Settlement Topics are the same as the Settlement Themes in Your Call. This ensures that settlement continues to frame the language learning.

Topics have multiple Activities. Users can do any Activity in any sequence. Activities in a numeric sequence use the same text or media, but they remain independent entities to ensure flexibility.  To maximise potential learning, automatic assessment has been included in all Activities.

To prepare for a CSWE Learning Outcome, users select their CSWE level, a target learning outcome, a settlement topic, and then a learning activity.

User guidance is available for viewing online or for printing from the Level contents menu page.

For more information contact your nearest AMEP provider.