The new AMEP Distance Learning/e-Learning Program

The Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training. Nationally, AMEP Distance/e-learning is delivered through the AMEP FLN Consortium.

Client Information Brochure (pdf 321KB) AMEP DL Counsellor Brochure (pdf 429KB)

The AFLN is a consortium of the following organisations:

  • AMES
  • Navitas English
  • Charles Darwin University

New teaching and learning resources have been created by AMES and Navitas English who, along with Charles Darwin University, provide AMEP Distance/e-Learning tuition to eligible students Australia-wide.

The new DL program has a number of key elements

  • The Distance Learning Provider (the AFLN Consortium) will liaise with all parties on a regular basis, to ensure the service succeeds for both clients and the General Services Providers.
  • The Consortium seeks to offer a seamless DL referral and communication process supported by counsellors and DL teachers.
  • Students have a choice of online or traditional, hard copy formats of their learning materials.
  • Distance Learning (DL) personalises learning, and aims to support overall retention of students in the AMEP.
  • DL will help to achieve learning outcome Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • The Settlement Information course is available via DL.
  • The DL program complements and builds on the Home Tutor Scheme resources.
  • SPP clients can get better value from the course. Each student is able to access up to three hours of DL tuition per week.
  • Clients can interact with others via an online Chat Room facility.

The DL program allows clients the following benefits

  • One-to-one teaching
  • A flexible, client-centred, self-paced course, that caters to individual needs
  • A variable style of delivery to better suit student preferences, with both an e-Learning and a traditional, print-based option
  • It provides an option for blended learning. For example, a student can work with a Home Tutor in conjunction with doing Distance Learning, or the ability to undertake the DL in addition to formal AMEP classes.
  • It is delivered by specialist teachers
  • There is access to Chat Room facilities, providing peer-networking opportunities and support.

AMEP Service Delivery Principles

The Service Provider  agrees that the services will be delivered in accordance with the AMEP Service Delivery Principles.

Service Providers will:

  • Provide Services to a high standard;
  • Develop an individually tailored learning pathway for each AMEP Client relevant to their needs, skills, aspirations and personal circumstances;
  • Ensure that all AMEP Clients are provided with information (in a form they can understand) on key AMEP issues including complaints handling mechanisms and their rights and responsibilities;
  • Develop effective communication channels and networks with other service providers, settlement service providers, mainstream providers (eg Centrelink and Employment Service providers), the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector, Language Literacy and Numeracy Program (LLNP) providers and community organisations;
  • Promote the importance of AMEP in facilitating successful settlement;
  • Provide a supportive learning environment for AMEP Clients which embraces cultural diversity;
  • Ensure Personnel have the skills and experience to provide high quality and culturally sensitive Services to AMEP Clients;
  • Deliver Services ethically, honestly, with due care and diligence;
  • Meet all reporting and financial accountability requirements stipulated by DIAC and provide reports in a timely manner and to a high standard; and
  • Encourage Clients to be self sufficient enabling them to achieve independence and access services that assist with their future needs.

Referring clients to Distance Learning

In order to enrol in a Distance Learning program, clients must be referred by an AMEP General Services Provider, based on the counselling process to develop the client's Individual Pathways Guide (IPG).

The General Services Provider indicates on the client's ARMS Record that they have been referred to Distance Learning.

The Distance Learning Provider then contacts the client and activates access to the Distance Learning resources, in either the online or traditional format, and commences tuition.

If there are any questions or to discuss specific referral issues in more detail please contact the Distance Learning provider on 1300 AMEP DL (1300 263735) or at