Should Every Parent Enrol Their Kids for Early Learning in Burpengary

Every parent needs to prioritise their kids. This means they should do all they can to provide the best for their kids. Even if you are working and studying, you have to ensure that your child gets the best, including giving them the best education. When it comes to your child’s education,  it starts when your child is very young. Although the kids learn from our environment and the people around them, parents need to ensure that they are kids and attend school to learn more. This means parents have to enrol their kids in an early learning centre where they can start running. In case you do not know why enrolling kids on an early learning centre in Burpengary is essential, read through the following section, and you’ll find the answers to your question,

Reasons Why Parents Need to Enrol Their Kids for Early Learning in Burpengary

If you’re wondering why you should  ensure that you take your child to an early Learning Centre in Burpengary, it is because of the following  reasons;

  • It helps nurture curiosity in kids

 One thing that makes kids very unique irrespective of their ages, is the active imaginations that they have. If you have a young child, consider taking them to an early Learning Centre where educators can harness this curiosity to help your child learn. When kids are very young, they need to be given the chance to be creative so that they can learn new Concepts faster and get the chance to discover new ideas in future. Due to the experiences and interactions that kids get during the early learning stage, they become more creative and confident, which helps them even overcome their fears and anxieties.

  • It helps promote social and emotional development in kids

 Another reason why taking kids to an early learning facility is essential is to ensure they can interact with other kids and the adults in the facility. Unfortunately,  most kids do not get to socialize with the other kids, especially if they have no siblings, which prevents them from learning social skills. By taking a child to an early Learning Centre, your group learning and socialisation help them learn how to communicate, form a boundary and make important choices. This also helps kids feel emotionally secure, helping them want to try new experiences and express themselves to other kids and adults.

  •  It makes kids independent and responsible

When kids join an early learning centre, they can make certain choices independently and are given tasks to complete individually or as a group. In addition, they learn how to take care of others and themselves. All this helps kids become independent and responsible while they are very young.

  •  It prepares kids for the future

Taking kids to Play and Learn childcare Burpengary provides them with the tools they require to succeed in the future.   For instance, kids canl learn skills they use in school in the future and skills they will require throughout their life, including social and emotional skills. Therefore, for your child’s future success, consider enrolling them in an early learning centre where they can start learning important skills while still young.

From the above section,  it is clear that taking a child to an early Learning Centre in Burpengary is very important. Therefore if you have a young child who still needs to join an Early Learning Centre,  it is time to start considering enrolling them on the best early learning facility near you.

Making the best preschool classroom

Preschool is an important phase in the life of your child. It introduces children in the elementary school world. It also marks the start of a very long academic journey.  Therefore the time that a child spends in preschool determines whether they become successful in the academic journey they are about to start. This is why it is always essential for you to select the best preschool for your child so that they can be impacted in the best way.

Qualities to look for in a preschool classroom

Whenever you are looking for a preschool for your child there are so many things that you have to look for to ensure that they are selecting the best preschool period. Unfortunately most parents look for all the other important things but forget to look at the preschool classrooms their children will be learning from. What these parents forget is that the classroom environment their children are exposed to will affect their learning capabilities. As a result it is important for you to be sure that the preschool you’re selecting has the best classrooms for these children. This is why you need to have a list of the qualities you should look for in a preschool classroom before selecting a preschool for your child.  In case you are not just with the qualities to look for you can use the qualities that are discussed in this section.

  • The organization of the classroom

Although a typical preschool classroom is never calm or quiet, it does not mean that it should never be organised. Teachers are aware that the classroom learning environment usually affects the learning which is to take place during this crucial first year and therefore they must be organised for the sake of the kids. These classrooms should have favourable layouts with several designated areas for different activities like reading and mathematics. They should also be assigned locations for dramatic play, art projects, bringing, drawing, as well as puzzles solving.  This helps the teacher to keep the kids free by preventing chaos and limiting accidents that are likely to happen in a disorganized classroom.

  • Equipped with adequate learning materials

 The other thing you wanted to find out before selecting a preschool is whether the preschool classrooms are well equipped with the learning materials. It is always essential for you to select a preschool whose classrooms are equipped with learning materials to help the kids learn and understand different topics. For instance, print materials and books are very important for the kids when learning how to read, count and pronounce sounds. However books and print materials are not the only learning materials kids need since they also require for the learning to take place. there’s materials  including counters,  blocks,  rulers,  dice, weather tools,  charts,  magnifying glasses,  toys,  pencils,  markers,  number lines among others.  In case you come across a preschool class lacking these materials it is not the right one for your child.

  • Welcoming features

 A good number of kids have always been closer to their parents since the day they are born and therefore this might be the first time they are being separated by their parents. Therefore a good preschool classroom should be able to welcome these kids and make them at ease to ensure that they are comfortable even in their absence of their parents.  This is why as a parent you need to do for a preschool whose classrooms have welcoming features that are appealing to the kids. For instance, the preschool can choose to use bright and colourful colours in the classrooms or even install vibrant fixtures that make different rooms functional and fun for these young kids. With such an environment the kids will always be eager to show up to the classrooms every day especially because of its welcoming features.

  • Available student ornament

Any work that is done by students creates a very powerful and inexpensive decoration to use in the preschool classroom.  Posting the kids’ work gives them a sense of success, accomplishment and pride in them.  Whenever they are learning in classrooms surrounded with objects, they create a feel welcome in their own classroom. This is why parents want to select preschool classrooms that have a number of billboards or drawings created by the kids in the past.

Parents make the final decisions pertaining to the kind of preschool their kids should attend to. However, since preschool determines the future of your child academically, socially and emotionally, they should attend the best preschools. This means that you should never compromise on anything when it comes to the selections you make. Therefore, if you come across a preschool that’s classrooms do not have any of the above features then you should put more effort and look for preschools with favourable classrooms for your child.

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How to choose the right daycare?

This is a question that every parent is asked who is planning to have a newborn baby in their home. You probably also have a spouse or twin who will be taken care of at home. However, you will have to make the final decision after weighing all the available options. This will undoubtedly involve considering costs and the quality of daycare offered by the facility you are thinking of signing up for. This is one of the most critical choices that you can make for your child’s development. After all, you want to see them grow up in the safest environment possible.

Things to remember

There are various things that one needs to address at the time of choosing a daycare. One of these includes the child’s safety. It should be able to provide facilities that will ensure your child’s physical and psychological safety. It should also have an area that is clean, safe, and free of dangerous stuff that may harm your child. Most daycares would be able to show you the documentation they have complied with to meet these requirements.

Another aspect you should look into is the training provided by the staff at the facility. Daycares that are correctly run have to staff members who are knowledgeable about how to handle children of different ages. The teachers and managers should have earned certifications to qualify for this position. Their qualifications should include how they interact with children in general. Aside from that, it should also cover how they take care of the child.

The next thing you should consider when trying to choose a daycare is its proximity to your home. For one thing, you do not want the facility to be too far away from your home. This may cause complications later on. Therefore, look for a daycare that is at least a few blocks away from your house.

The next consideration that you need to make is the equipment and supplies that the facility provides. Remember that your child will be using these things every single day. Therefore, you should get only the best. You can choose from stools, toys, books, and more. Ensure that the equipment is age-appropriate so that your child will be able to use them without problems.

Will you feel safe having an unknown person around your child?

No, you won’t. Think about it this way: what if a stranger got hold of your child right before you check on them? You wouldn’t want that person to come near your child unless they have special permission from the person that gave the keys. Therefore, choose daycares that have secure areas.

On top of that, you should also think about the type of relationship you would have with the daycare provider. If you have kids of your own, you probably have developed a good relationship with them. However, if you choose to hire an independent provider, you will have to create a better relationship. It is essential to know whether the daycare facility is equipped with mechanisms that would make it easier for parents to interact with their children.

When looking into child care centre in Launceston, think about how to choose the right one. As long as you can choose between the best and the bottom of the barrel, you should be fine. Remember that parents are the most important people here, so if you want your kids to get properly taken care of, you need to take time and effort to find the best facility for them. Make sure that you check out the facilities thoroughly, and then contact the owners. Make sure that you ask questions to find out why they don’t live up to their promises.

How to Select Quality Artist Supplies

When it comes to artwork, the quality of supplies is everything. It is one thing to have a spectacular image or idea, but it is another thing to replicate it through art. What will determine how well your ideas are translated is the quality and type of artist supplies you use. Your overall supplies will play a major role in defining the success of your artwork. This does not always translate to the use of expensive tools and pieces though most times; good quality comes at a high cost. Some of the factors that will guide you in settling for the right supplies include:

1. Get familiar with art tools and pieces

Most times, the error is made right from the beginning. That is why every beginner needs to pay close attention and familiarise themselves with art pieces. It is through experience and knowledge that you learn what is good and what is best.

Taking time to know which tools are best for which artwork, will go a long way in ensuring you finally settle for the right supplies. Jumping for the next available supplies, especially for beginners, may be the last thing that will guarantee them the quality of the work they want. It may seem like a waste of time, but familiarising yourself with the available tools will enable you to have the right supplies for your work.

2. Being in touch with experienced artists

Experts say, experience comes at a price, and time is the ultimate factor for enhancing quality decision making. Great artists are people who have invested much of their time in artwork, putting them ahead of their competitors. You may not have the same experience as they do, and that is why consulting them will give you an added advantage.

This factor is not only important for beginners but also for those who have gone a step ahead in their artwork. Keeping in touch with other artists will always help you to be in tune with the trends as well as have the right information on the right materials to use for different artwork.

3. Understanding brands

The type of brand and supplies that you choose matters very much when it comes to artwork. Not every brand will give you the kind of artwork you need. While some brands are meant for professional artists, some are just designed for students and beginners. Not all brands come with the same quality. Various brands come with different qualities. Understanding or knowing the brands, will help you to know where to put your money and get the best out of it.

4. The set budget

The amount of money you intend to spend on a particular artwork will determine the quality and the brand of supplies you will secure. Good quality brands will always demand more when it comes to expenditure. If you are into professional artwork, then be ready to invest more time and money into your career. There is always a great difference between poor quality art and high-quality art based on the type of supplies used as well as the time and money invested.

5. Variation

The more tools you use for your artwork, the more the knowledge and experience you are likely to acquire. Variation does not necessarily mean buying items or art pieces you don’t need, and it simply means having a variety of pieces and tools to choose from. This way, you will be able to identify which variety brings the best out of your art skill.

Disadvantages of boarding schools in Brisbane

As a parent, it is essential to choose a school that will offer comprehensive education to your child. There are many schools available in Brisbane, and every school has its own culture. Therefore, a parent needs to consider how the learning will affect the child both academically and socially. Some parents think that boarding schools are more perfect than day school, but they all have their drawbacks. The following are disadvantages of boarding schools in Brisbane.

1. Children are separated from their loved ones

Although boarding schools have holiday breaks, they might not be ample for the child to interact with the loved ones. The child will be separated from the parents and other members of the family for several months. Some families have close ties that lay a foundation of the bond relationship among the family members. When the child is away from home for several months, the bond will be broken, and this will cause stress and feelings of rejection.

2. Academic pressure

Academic excellence is the main objective of boarding schools in Brisbane. For this reason, most of these schools come up with tight programs that ensure the learners spend a lot of time in class. When the learners are forced to follow such programs without being involved in curricular activities, they get tired, and they lose concentration in their studies.

3. Harassment and bullying

If a child is taken to a school that has no discipline, then the child might be abused both physically and sexually. Once the child undergoes such circumstances, it will be hard for the child to interact with others and excel in academics. Harassment and bullying may also lead to psychological torture

4. High charges

Children have their rights to be provided with basic needs for them to live a comfortable life. For this reason, children are entitled to eating a balanced diet, living in secured shelters, and learning in a safe place, among others. The amount of money that parents are supposed to pay is very high. At times, some parents may not afford to pay high charges.

5. Limited time

Children in boarding schools are expected to follow the routine of the school under the supervision of the teachers. Therefore the learners are denied a chance to have their time to discover their talent and abilities. Some learners in boarding schools may not perform well in academics, and if denied an opportunity to explore their talents, they end up losing hope of achieving their goals in life.

6. Less priority for disabled children

It is rare to get boarding schools in Brisbane that cater to children with special needs. Some of these special needs children are the blind, mentally challenged and physically handicapped. For this reason, the children feel rejected, and this makes them develop low self-esteem; hence they consider themselves as failures in life.

7. Children take time to adjust

When the child is admitted to boarding a school, he or she is separated from the home environment. The child will take time and find it hectic to adjust to the new environment. Sometimes it will be hard for the learner to interact with unfamiliar students and teachers, and hence the child will develop homesickness.

Although boarding schools may disadvantage some of the students and parents, there are others who find it is the best place for them.

The Important Benefits of Nerang Childcare

Many families in Nerang today need both parents to work to get by financially. This is especially true for single parents who need a job to raise their young.

The inability to balance child caring and working is the stressful situation most parents face today. Yet, Nerang childcare centres assure a viable option for parents and their kids.

Parents and their children are given the viable option of developing long-lasting academic, social, and economic benefits by good childcare centres. A childcare environment has been found by numerous studies to benefit babies, infants, and children ranging from ages 6 months to 4 years.


Structured activities and schedule

Daycare centres implement a daily schedule for children and even infants. Even when children in a childcare centre are not aware of time, a full slate of activities is provided ranging from storytelling and singing songs.

Singing and storytelling activities are essential but fun activities for toddlers to help them grow and develop. Parents also find the scheduled structure provided by daycare centres satisfying as well.

Keeping the toddlers on a regular schedule prevents them from exhibiting erratic behaviour at the end of the day.


Higher academic achievement

Children that have spent time in good childcare centres have been found by multiple studies to achieve higher academic and cognitive achievement when they reach their teens.

Most of the children involved in the studies spent time in the care of childcare centres before the age of 4. Based on the findings, these same studies highly recommend parents enrol their children in good-quality childcare centres that can provide extensive interaction with cognitive-enhancement, care providers, and support activities.


Socialise with peers

Social interactions with peers are seen as one of the best ways to hone the mental, physical, and emotional development of children. On this note, spending time with peers in a structured, safe, and supervised atmosphere is provided by good childcare centres.

The daily schedule of play, problem-solving, sharing and learning offered by childcare centres to young children ensures positive growth and development mentally and emotionally.

Learn interaction skills with other adults

Parents are the first adults in a child’s life. Interaction with other adults is provided by good childcare centres. This interaction allows children to see other adults as positive figures of authority and mentors. The high-quality caregiving skills provided by good childcare centres ensure children grow in a positive environment while learning both acceptable and unacceptable behaviours.


Seamless adjustment to kindergarten

Children spending time in good childcare centres in Nerang have been seen by studies to become more involved in school activities as they transitioned to kindergarten. The transition to kindergarten becomes easy and seamless for children coming from a childcare centre.


Benefits parents as well

Parents dropping off their children at childcare centres are often seen as a hectic event. Yet, most parents take time and effort to spend a little amount to get to know more about the activities and the caregivers. It is because parents have found immense long-term benefits when interaction with fellow parents and caregivers is done.

Studies back this showing that the feeling of community provided to parents during their interactions with caregivers and fellow parents show lower rates of depression.



Child Care Centre’s Townsville- Encouraging children to follow directions

Once children start getting older, they begin to assert their own will. Also it is in the best interest of their child that a parent encourages their child to find their own independence. However, parents have also noticed that while they are happy to observe their child become their own person, discipline tends to become an issue. This is because the child doesn’t do it purpose but it’s in their intrinsic nature to test their boundaries. This is something which they do unconsciously. Parents take this as a sign of misbehaving. This is actually not the case. Children are conditioned to test their limits. It’s just that sometimes they may venture too far. This is when parents need to step in and implement some discipline.

The easiest way to discipline a child is to actually lend a listening ear to them. It’s important for parents to know what their child wants or desires. Once the child has spoken it out loud, it out of their system. From there on parents should implement a strategy which the child can follow without feeling compromised.

The following are some basic ways used by the caregivers at childcare centers in Townsville through which parents can help encourage their children follow directions.

Take their name

Everyone loves the sound of their own name. Let’s admit is, even as adults we appreciate individuals who remember our names and call us by it. The same goes for children as well. It makes them feel important and feel that parents are giving them attention. Keep in mind that very young children can often not focus on a lot of things. You might need to callout their name more than once to get their attention. Once you have it, then you might consider speaking to them.

Develop a connection while speaking to your child

When speaking to a child it’s important that you are at an eye level with then. If you need to get down on your knees for that, you must do so. This helps the child feel connected with you. The eye contact helps get the child’s attention. This would also help you listen and understand your child much better. This would make it easier for you to give them directions.

Be positive

Instead of using the word no, it’s better to be positive words. If you want no running inside the room you could say the same by asking them to walk inside the rooms only. This automatically helps get rid of the negation ad creates a positive impact on your child. Your request is easier for them to process when it’s free from negation.

Model good behavior

Children often follow their elders. Subconsciously they imbibe everything going on around them, so make sure that you are on good behavior at all times. It helps create an awareness that they are expected to be on their best behavior at all times.

Use short and simple sentences

For very young children, it’s necessary to use very simple language. Instructions should be issued keeping in mind the child’s actual level of understanding.

Locate a Townsville childcare centre near your home to make things easier for you.

Important Qualities to look for in a Daycare Darwin

Stress can come creeping in with the severely lacking or overwhelming options of daycare centres in Darwin. Understandably, you want the best and most affordable daycare Darwin that’s humanly possible close to your home or work.

You think it’s not too much to ask until you start scouting around. Then the options of too much or too little available daycare centres become stressful.

Questions such as how to tell which one is the best or can you trust the reviews come creeping in. First, be still and breathe.

While it is stressful for any parent to search for the best daycare, getting discouraged will not resolve your predicament. Using good strategies hold the key to get the right daycare for your beloved bundle of joy.

Great daycare centres show and share the following qualities, to include:

Great reviews

Current or previous parents are likely to give rave reviews for reputable daycare centres. While you can check these reviews online, asking the daycare for a few names and numbers of parents to serve as their reference is the best way to find out about their reputation. Tapping into your network of family and friends to find out their favourite ones is another way to help in your search.

Take note of any bad or good patterns as you sift through the reviews. While there is no perfect daycare, the thing to watch out for is the same type of complaints. Reviews showing the same complaint from three or four parents mean something’s not right.

Social media offers another great way to learn more about potential daycares. Most daycare centres have Facebook accounts and paying attention to their posts and feedback from parents. A daycare is seen to have a solid reputation if parents are engaged.

You feel comfortable and right as you walk in

Gut feeling and first impressions should be trusted. Does the environment provided by the daycare right for your child? Is it welcoming and home-like? Do babies have a lot of floor space to have tummy time or crawl? Are there more than enough tables or desks to accommodate older kids as they do their crafts or colour?

Are the children engaged and happy? Do the caregivers make the children feel comfortable and responsive? Are the children allowed to explore the environment? Are the things that children have learned and done prominently displayed on the walls?

You have to see if the environment and the children in them are happy together. Feeling good about the place can make you envision your child to be there as well.

Caring and qualified caregivers

Attention should also be given to adults other than the environment of a daycare. Ensure that the caregivers hold basic certificates and training in childhood development. You need to ask if the caregivers also hold training certificates for emergency procedures such as CPR.

Observing the interaction between caregivers and children can help you determine if the daycare is the best one for your child. Are their conversations meaningful? Do teachers or caregivers use a respectful tone when addressing toddlers and children? Are there a lot of no’s?

Be sure to look at a range of day cares in Darwin so that you can make the right choice about where to send your child.

The Advantages of ISO 9001 Certification

All companies strive to improve the quality of their goods or services. This is important if they want to make a positive impact on their clientele. Everyday businesses have to face the complications which are connected with quality control. The question which arises is that how can a business ensure the quality of its goods and services? The answer is simple. They should aim for an ISO 9001 certification.

ISO 9001 accreditation is one of the most recognized quality certifications in the world. Any business which has been accredited with it is considered as top quality and one which is totally reliable. The certifications comprises of instructions and a set of guidelines on how business can improve its standard and quality of goods and services.

How does the ISO 9001 Certification work?

In simple words it is a collection of guidelines which can help a business establish and maintain as well as improve its standards. Although this is by no means a rigid set of instructions because after all what is applicable to one business is not for all other businesses. This are more generalized guidelines. It also allows businesses the flexibility to implement their own set of standards which help them become more stabilized and established.

It helps companies take a look at a bigger picture. This would therefore help them in all their future endeavors. It comprises of advice on the ways which a company can make sure that all the processes within the infrastructure work in harmony.

After the process oriented approach has been implemented the company has to carry out a series of audits which would ensure quality management on part of each business or company. There are a total of three audits which are carried out. These are known as the first, second and third party audits. The first audit is considered as the company audit. This is normally carried out because it helps a company understand where things stand at that point. The second audit enables the customer to evaluate how a company is faring. Finally being able to secure a successful third party audit allows accompany to become ISO 9001 certified. This marks for the seal of quality and approval which a company has which helps establish it as a reliable business.

The importance of ISO 9001 certification

The ISO9001 is considered as a standard which would help gain a company a recognized status amongst other contemporary businesses. The quality management system adopted by these certified companies allow for better monitoring of all processes within the company.

The basic aspect of these certification is continuous improvement which a company has to strive for in order to prove its mettle. It allows for no slacking or drop in quality of either goods or services. This is why clients develop a relationship of trust with a specific businesses.

It is a standard which is recognized internationally. This is of great help for companies who plan to take their business to a global level.

Get an ISO 9001 certification from Atlas to let the people know that you have a capable, competent, and world-class company.

Factors to consider when you are selecting daycare in Kensington

Is this the first time you are a parent, and you are possibly wondering whether it is a good idea to take your lovely kid to daycare?  Are you feeling as if your child will not be comfortable in the daycares because you will not be spending time with them? This is not a big deal in case you are living in Kensington because there are so many daycares you can take your child to for care as you do your business. However, when you are selecting the daycares, you will need to be very keen so that you can select a place your child will view as a home away from home because of the tender care they receive from their caregivers.

This will require you to consider several things that will be very helpful, especially if you are a first-time parent and have never taken any other child to the daycares before. For this reason, you must make your decision first so that you can embark on looking for the daycares that are best for your child. When you get the best daycare, you will be very lucky since you will have the peace of mind as you work knowing that wherever your child it’s a safe place. To ensure that you have the best daycare in Kensington, you need to do the following things:

1. Do research.

When you want to get the best daycares in Kensington, you must be willing to do thorough research of the daycares that are available in this area. The research will help you to find out the following things:

The reputation of the daycare centre

In your research, you will get the chance of finding out the kind of reputation that the daycares that you think are the best. The kind of reputation the daycare centre have depending on the services that they offer, and hence you will have the ability to choose the daycare centre with a good reputation.

The location of the daycare centre

You need to know where the facilities are located in Kensington so that you can know whether they are convenient for you or not. You have to choose the one which are near your home or place of work. Busy Bees have set up a day care centre in Kensington. It would be a wise move to consider them.

The cost of services

You need to get the centre that you can afford. The research you do will enable you to select the centre which charge an amount of cash that you can afford.

Level of experience of the caregivers

Find a trustworthy daycare institution. For this reason, you will need to find out the level of experience that the caregivers have.

2. Ask for referrals.

You will need to ask your friends and relatives about the best daycares in Kensington. The daycares that they refer you to are possibly the best, and you need to give them a shot.

3. Read online reviews.

You need to read online reviews so that you can know about the experience the past parent has had with these daycares. Ensure that you select daycares with positive reviews avoid selecting the daycares that people complain about.

4. Interview several daycares.

After you select several daycares to ensure you interview the daycares on several issues to find out whether you can trust them with your child.

5. Visit the daycare centre unannounced.

Dropping by the daycares unannounced will enable you to know how the daycares organise themselves, whether they are clean and whether the children in the daycares are attended to when they need help.

5 Psychological Effects Daycare Centers Have On Your Children

As much as you’d like to spend as much time as you can with your child in the first few years of their lives, financial needs may end up preventing you from quitting. It might feel like you’re the only one going through this, but rest assured, you aren’t alone. A lot of parents depend on child daycare centers to keep their children taken care of and well-fed.
Sending your child to a day care center may tough for you but a well-reputed faculty may offer some great positive benefits, similarly, sending your kid off to a bad facility may result in some negative effects. Let’s explore.

Enhanced social awareness

Kids who spend more time in a day care parramatta center end up more socially aware than children who don’t spend any time there at all. Recent studies have shown that children who’ve been enrolled in daycare at an earlier stage were less likely to cause a scene or act out, because of the support and interactive they get which results in great cognitive stimulation leading to stable development.


Studies have shown that kids who spend around a year or more are more likely to display disruptive behavior, well into school till 6th or 7th grade. Even some of the kids from those high-quality centers have shown some disruptive behavior. Kids spending prolonged periods of time develop aggression along with other behavior problems. That said, kids from the same high-quality centers were shown to score high on standardized tests.


Kids spending time in daycare centers are known to exhibit symptoms of stress more than the other kids of the same age. Children under 3 were made a part of the study that shows that they exhibited a higher level of cortisol (a stress hormone) when they spent days at the daycare centers, the levels dropped quite significantly when the kids went back home.

Weakened bonds

Parents who send their kids to daycare centers experience diminished bonds with their kids. Doing so from an early age can keep the kids from developing any strong bonds with the parents, and even parents don’t feel attached to the kids to that extent. Researchers emphasize that parents should follow peer advice when selecting day care centers for their kids to avoid this.

Risk of anxiety and depression

Carrying on from the last part, kids who have weak bonds with their parents are at great risk of anxiety, depression and other mood disorders. Studies have shown that such children are likely to exhibit aggressive and confrontational behavior, along with social withdrawal, anxiety and depression. Therefore, you should make sure to focus on developing a meaningful relationship with your kid when they are at home to avoid any such problems.

The benefits of distance learning

The benefits of distance learning

Education is a solid bedrock for people in pursuit of an exceptional career in this age and time. However, due to the busy schedule of many individuals and the need to stay on a fulltime job to meet up with their living costs, they are unable to participate in the traditional learning model (classroom learning).

Distance learning adopts a learning model in which the students and the teachers are remotely connected without being in physical contact with one another. The distant learning model has enjoyed massive growth and acceptance due to the high levels of internet connectivity.

The major difference between the classroom learning and the distance learning model is that the classroom learning adopts the use of physical interaction between both the students and the teachers and long-structured course curriculum on the campus.

The advantages of distance learning program include the following;
●Students are able to learn at their pace: With the model of distance learning, students are able to decide how fast or how slow they want their program to go since the course structure with this model is more flexible.
●Flexible study model: This is one of the most fascinating things about this learning model. The ability to determine and organise your preferred learning schedule is interesting.
●Convenience: Since the learning model adopts an offline strategy, students do not have to concern themselves with the location difference which has been an issue in the past where students are located far away for their learning centre and are unable to attend lectures.
●Work and learn: Some students are burdened with significant financial issues; therefore, they have to be engaged with certain activities for monetary gains. This learning model gives such students the opportunity to enrich themselves and increase in learning at the same time.
●Effective learning: Like classroom learning model, students are able to learn and equip themselves with useful and transferable skills making them equally competitive in the market space.
●Time and money savings: Distance learning models help students to effectively manage their logistics cost since travel costs have been eliminated.
Although there are tons of benefits of the distance learning program, we will highlight a few disadvantages to the learning model.
●Study without a teacher’s help: This is a significant issue with this learning model. The interaction with a more knowledgeable person in the area of study will largely impact learning. But this learning model eliminates interaction, making learning sometimes stressful and frustrating, especially when the student needs some clarification. The teachers’ duty is also to monitor and evaluate the progress of students.
●Limited social interaction: With classroom learning, students are able to interact with their classmates and create new relationships which will never happen with the distance learning model.